Sponsorship Marketing 2008

As a means of truly creating a link with your chosen market sponsorship has it all: association with a property that truly matches your brand values; opportunities to touch your consumer in many different ways through a multitude of media; provide a truly memorable experience that creates that all important relationship; and that just covers the obvious. Yet sadly, despite wanting more, many of today’s deals are not much more than corporate badging exercises that can be a less expensive way of getting that all important TV exposure, which when it comes to evaluating the true benefit leave you as the marketing director wanting.
Like all the disciplines available to reach your market, there are those brands that shine out from the crowd, who have thought laterally about how to reap the benefits and many more that haven’t!
At Sponsorship Marketing 2008 we will examine how those successful brands are achieving their goals through their sponsorship choices. During this conference we will explore:
- What factors create success
- The psychology of the consumer
- How to fully define measurable objectives
- Finding the right property
- Creating a true partnership
- Integrating your sponsorship strategy with your overall strategy
Who should attend?
- Marketing directors, marketing managers, heads of brand communication, sponsorship marketers
- Heads of research and insight from client companies involved in sponsorship marketing
- Rights owners and developers
- Sponsorship marketing consultants

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